Policy Statement 2014-2020

The exceptional identity of the University of the Aegean is based on the following characteristics:
  1. It provides academic services of the highest standards, emphasizing on novel and multidisciplinary scientific areas, while additionally enriches traditional research fields.
  2. Its premises are spread among the particularly extensive islands of the Aegean Sea, on the east border of Europe. More particularly, six islands are hosting the University sites, while supplementary academic activities are also supported on other, smaller islands.
  3. Ιts mission is extended to three dimensions: (1) Education in 3 cycles continuously updated by the research evolution and enriched by new teaching methods and ICTs exploitation, as well as Life Long Learning programs provision so as to cover society needs, (2) Advanced Research on international level and, (3) Support the local society and the regional development of the territory where it is located.
University of the Aegean, adopting an inter-temporal strategy, constantly focused on the international dimension and range, on the constant improvement of studies, aiming at Academic excellence in, the state-of-the-art scientific areas, but also targeting on further improvement practices, fully supports:

(i) European and International Collaborations (ii) Participation in scientific, research and development networks among institutions (iii) Implementation of research and development projects (iv) Promotion of student, academic and administrative staff mobility actions (v) Development of Joint Programs of Study.

  • For the next period 2014-2020, the University of the Aegean will emphasize on: Increase of the number of staff mobility to/from Europe and from Third Countries, so as to exchange good practices, as well as to promote our academic and administrative staff expertise worldwide.
  • Mobility is supported into the objectives of continuous strengthening of quality in research, teaching and training, governance and support of society needs. Increase of the number of our students mobility for credit (courses) and traineeships (work placement).
  • Development of more joint master degrees programs on a European level and of European doctoral schools in specific thematic areas.
  • Increase of the attractiveness of our University to students (1st, 2nd, 3rd HE cycle) as well to academic and administrative staff from other European and non European Universities (especially the east and south Europe neighborhood countries as well as Asia).
  • Participation and support of all European actions and programs that aim to deal with economical crisis problems, affecting students and their future employment, as well as young and senior researchers.
  • Participation in actions that provide an add-on to the existing link between education, research and business so as to reinforce the Aegean Archipelagos regional development in which our University aim to contribute significantly.
  • Increase of the number of Networks of Excellence (research, education) in which our academic staff participate, as well as Networks of Universities aiming to collaborate and investigate efficient governance support measures, appropriate for academic communities.
Regarding the selection of partners, the University of the Aegean:
  • Selects academic partners, according to various criteria such as academic excellence, proximity or subsidiary scientific domains, quality of programs of study, language as well as facilities provided to students. On a European level, we give priority to Institutions that own the European Chart while mobility activities are always implemented upon the signing of the Bilateral Agreements.
  • Selects collaborators from non EU countries based on academic excellence, proximity or subsidiary scientific domains, geographical neighborhood, language as well as facilities provided to students. Particular emphasis is given to the interconnection of our University with Institutions of the Middle East, of the Mediterranean and Turkey, aiming at incoming students, researchers, faculty members from such countries. For the next years, importance will be assigned towards extending our cooperation activities in Balkan counties as well as counties of the former Soviet Union and Asia.
Regarding the mobility, it is to be noted additionally that:
  • The University encourages and supports student, faculty and administrative staff mobility, in order to preserve and promote its European/International profile in Education, Research and Practical training.
  • The Senate of the University of the Aegean has decided to give priority to the full application of the European System for transferring academic credits (ECTS) which is already been applied to all of its departments.
  • All the needed actions before, during and after mobility is taken as well as more additional actions will be implemented so as to (i) exploit better the mobility effect of our students and staff (ii) be continually attractive to incoming mobility.