posterIn less than thirty years, the University of the Aegean, as a network of “academic ports of studies and research”, has been successfully established in 6 campuses spread across the Aegean Archipelago,  providing a unique natural, cultural and human environment to experience. UAegean has evolved into an international research oriented University offering 18 undergraduate (BA or BSc) and 44 postgraduate (MA, MSc or MBA) programmes in modern interdisciplinary thematic areas. The  seat of the UAegean is located in Mytilene (the capital of Lesvos island), whereas its  Schools and Departments are located in the cities of Mytilene (Lesvos), Chios (Chios), Karlovassi (Samos), Rhodes (Rhodes), Ermoupolis (Syros) and Myrina (Lemnos). In addition, the UAegean has established joint international postgraduate programmes (i.e. in Biodiversity, Environmental Policy and Management, European Integration) as well as joint PhD degree programmes in a wide range of thematic areas.                                                                                

Europe needs cohesive and non-exclusive societies that allow their citizens to move freely, to communicate, to collaborate, to exchange experiences and practices, to co-create by playing an active role in democratic life. Education and youth work are key factors in order to promote the common European values of social inclusion, intercultural understanding and a sense of belonging to a community, as well as preventing violent extremism. The Erasmus+ Programme enhances exactly these collaboration and mobility potential.

The Erasmus+ European and International Mobility Programmes allow the student population and both the teaching and administrative staff to move across Europe and the world, to study, to teach, to train, to work within the framework of the internship They have the opportunity to get to know the academic culture and educational systems of different Universities, to gain intercultural experiences, to exchange knowledge, practices, perceptions, to talk to various people,  visit different countries, to travel, to link University life with new horizons.

The Erasmus + of the Aegean
Travels & welcomes!

Enables even more of our students
to study at Institutions abroad or apply for traineeship (internship) in institutions of their choice.
Invites foreign students to visit the University of the Aegean

"Experience Erasmus"
Everywhere & always, go with the Aegean!