Courses offered in foreign language

Academic calendar

Each academic year starts on September 1st, ends on August 31st and consists of two semesters: Winter and Spring semester (Exact dates are specified by Senate decision every year).

Winter semester

Lecture Period:

Beginning of October – Mid January 

Examination Period: until early February

Spring semester

Lecture Period

Mid February – end of May

Examination Period: until end of June

Courses information

Courses at University of the Aegean are taught in Greek, which is the official language of the institution. However, there are some courses offered in foreign languages, mainly in English, as well as special arrangements for Erasmus+ students, such as tutoring-type or reading-type courses in english or assignment of essays in foreign languages with the use of bibliography in small groups of students.

In the following table you may obtain information concerning courses offered in foreign languages by each Department of the University of the Aegean:

Courses offered in foreign languages

Schools & Departments

Department’s link for courses offered in foreign language

School of Social Sciences - Lesvos island

Department of Social Anthropology & History

Department of Geography

Department of Sociology

Department of Cultural Technology & Communication

Erasmus+ Interdisciplinary Course - School of Social Sciences (Spring semester 2021 -2022)

School of Environment- Lesvos and Lemnos islands

Department of Environment


Department of Marine Sciences

Department of Food and Nutrition Sciences - (Lemnos island)



School of Business - Chios Island

Department of Business Administration


Shipping, Trade and Transport


Department of Tourism, Economics and Management



School of Sciences  - Samos island

Department of Statistics and Actuarial-Financial Mathematics


Department of Mathematics



School of Humanities - Rhodes island

Department of Primary Education

Department of Pre-School Education and Educational Design

Department of Mediterranean Studies


School of Engineering

Department of Financial and Management Engineering (Chios island)

Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering (Samos island)


Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering (Syros island)