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Students Mobility for Studies and Traineeship

Students wishing to study or carry out a traineeship at the University of the Aegean must apply beforehand by forwarding to the Erasmus+ Office all the documents required.

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Guide to the Rights of Mobile Students in the European Union

Incoming students may find the guide to their rights here

Application and Nomination deadlines

For winter semester

15th June.

For spring semester:

15th October.

Students intending to study at the UAegean are advised to meet the above deadlines. The deadlines will be flexible only if there are still positions available.

Application File

All documents must be in English and forwarded to

Acceptance decision

The University of the Aegean will send its decision within 4 weeks after the deadline, provided that the nominated students have sent complete application files. The students accepted by the UAegean will receive via email a letter of acceptance.

Language of Instruction and International Courses

The official language is Greek. However, the UAegean provides International Modules in English for Erasmus Students.  

Please find the course catalogue in each Department's website:

In addition, final year undergraduate incoming Erasmus+ students may also choose to conduct all or part of their thesis project at the University of Aegean. Any student seeking to undertake part or the whole of a thesis project at the University of Aegean needs to look for and get in touch with potential supervisor(s) at the host Institution and make the necessary arrangements well in advance. Should a student choose to conduct only part of his/her thesis project, then he/she may need to select an additional number of courses offered in English in order to complete the required number of ECTS credits.

Furthermore, you are advised to visit the website of the Department in which you intend to study in order to have access to the complete list of Academic Curricula. Intensive Greek Courses are also organized for foreign students every semester. Please find more information here.
+30 2251036118

Exceptional Changes to the Study Programme

Any party can request changes to the study programme within five weeks after the start of each semester. These changes should be agreed by all parties as soon as possible, within two weeks following the request. In case of the changes due to an extension of the duration of the mobility, a request can be made by the student at the latest one month before the foreseen end date.

Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinators

Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinators in the UAegean will provide you advice on academic issues (for example, possible changes in your learning agreements during your studies in the UAegean). You can meet them during their office hours or upon your regular advice time weekly.

ECTS and Grading System in the UAegean

The ECTS at the University of the Aegean is applied to all Schools and Departments.
One academic year = 60 ECTS
One semester = 30 ECTS
One trimester = 20 ECTS






Very good






Non present at the exam

Practical Issues


Incoming students may be entitled to free accommodation depending on room availability. If you are allocated a room, you will be informed in advance.

Visas: Detailed information for foreigners wishing to visit Greece and, by extension, the Schengen Area (visa requirements by country of origin, Greek or foreign Authorities that issue visas for Greece abroad) are provided at the official website of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Academic Calendar 2020-2021

Contact Details

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